Contact Me


Just thought that it would probably be helpful to give a contact email, just incase there’s ever a time you feel like wanting to get in touch.

Please feel free to say anything; whether it’s positive or negative, but just like anybody else, I would appreciate it if you portrayed your opinion in a polite way. 🙂

Even get in touch pointlessly if you want… nothing wrong with a chat!!

O ye, and also, if there’s ever an unknown or struggling artist that you know of, whether its a singer, MC, or even a DJ, and you think they deserve some recognition or a talk about… definitely get in touch with me. And being a fair person, I will not credit it all to myself and definitely mention you, unless you prefer to just be anonymous.

So here’s my email:

I made it specifically for this blog, so all emails received will be noticed!! Unless Google mail decides to start going wrong. Lol.

Look forward to hearing from you



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