5 – On Hiatus

17 02 2008

Hey people!

Just thought I should at least state so, but if you’ve been following with me on this site, I haven’t posted in quite a while. Due to my personal life at the moment, I have been very busy, and had to deal with many things happening. However, I still do intend to get back to posting soon!!

People who have just found this site, or came across it for the first time, I hope my blog interests you and can keep you checking here for new artists and such.

O ye, I just remembered, to make it easier for yourself, subscribe to this site through the sidebar.

Hope to get back to you people soon 🙂

Please feel free to check out what already been posted on the site 🙂 and comments are appreciated.

My Regards,



2 – A Confession…

5 01 2008

I started a blog like this a very long time ago! Did 2 posts, then stopped… completely… *phst* and they say I’m a quitter! Anyyyhow, back then I didn’t have the time. But now, that time is becoming manageable. And I intend to restart the blog again!!

O ye, I must admit, the site Honorable Media, (that I check religiously everyday!!) inspired me to start this blog up again… and the funny thing is, the 3 contributors most likely don’t know they inspired me and most certainly don’t know who the hell I am, lol! But, if you happen to be reading this (Reecie, thehonorable, The-$-Is) Thanks a lot, not just for the inspiration… but for actually having an awesome site.

People who haven’t heard of this site, it’s a MUST! You gotta check it out! For “The latest Hip Hop and R&B Soul music updates, gossip, TV and movie reviews, politics, discussion, and more!”

Check their site now if you haven’t already!! Seriously!

Also I can’t honestly forget about Chris, Kevin, Monica and Rizoh. Each and everyone have a talent when it comes to blogging, and their sites are also MUST SEE sites, they’re awesome sites… so start clicking on the side links under “Awesome Sites”!! (I’m checking them daily in my free time!! And it’s worthit!!)

Thanks to every one of you!! 🙂

1 – First Post!!

5 01 2008

Hey People!!!

Basically I think I should start by saying what I intend this blog to be about. Im a real down to earth guy with a deep love and passion for music! All genres really, but I would choose true Soul & true Hip-Hop anyday.

Anyhow I can’t stand how these true artists that have talent and meaning, don’t get their time and appreciation. Like (in my eyes) look at the fair amount of struggle, MCs like Common & Lupe Fiasco have had to go through to get their songs heard. Where we hear artists like 50 Cent and Mase pulling out tracks about “Window Shopping” and “Piggy Banks” and are actually getting recognition for it!!

So I intend to actually do something… ok, I’m going to be realistic… Im not going to have such a huge impact, I don’t think that by saying “listen to this artist!!” one day, they’re going to soar up in the charts the next week!! But some impact and action is better than none! Lol.

So what I have in mind is to preach about these struggling MCs, singers and even DJs (if I come across any). I know quite a few artists that aren’t commonly heard of like Jay-Z & P.Diddy at the moment BUT they deserve to at least be recognised for their determination and more importantly, sheer talent!


And that’s really what the blog is going to be about.

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