4 – Rhymefest’s latest daring project…

9 01 2008

MITM cover

First, or at least one of the first thoughts many people will have, having heard the name or seeing the album cover is… “What is Fest doing?!”

I will admit, I was intrigued, not knowing what to expect.

Well let me help you, he’s just compiled (with the help of the one & only Mark Ronson) one of the most unpredictably ingenious yet hilarious, innovative mix tapes you will ever play to your ears.

With 24 Tracks, 6 being labelled skits (but actually more), you sit there listening to track after track loving Rhymefest more and more. He hasn’t gone for the predictable; get a few MJ hitters such as Billie Jean, Thriller, and then flip a rap on top… No, this guy has gone straight back to the Old School! Pure Archives. Tracks you have either forgotten about, didn’t even know about, or just even didn’t expect him to bring back.

And it works, it works too well! You finish every track wanting, waiting to listen to the next track. Every skit leaves you not knowing what to expect on the next skit to come. These skits are great, and will leave you howling with laughter. They definitely keep the flow to the mix tape running.

I really don’t want to give away what these skits consist of or even say what tracks are what… because this mix tape is best listened to, not knowing what to expect.

I assure you, if it’s not the tracks that have you amazed, the skits will definitely have you loving the project.

So if you haven’t already heard or own it, go to his store and download it. Because seriously, sooner or later, they are going to realise how awesome a mix tape it is, then release it as an album with a price!!

Updated: [For a streaming version click here.]

However, if you have heard it, ask yourself… Have you made any noise and told anyone about it? Don’t necessarily write an article, but at least tell friends, who can then tell friends, who can then tell more friends.

Watch out for this guy with an album soon out to come. Check out his MySpace.

Definitely an artist worth keeping ears on.

What do you think of the mix tape? Any opinions? Don’t hesitate, drop a comment 🙂

Credit goes to Ciccone Cooper. Thanks for mentioning this mix tape yesterday! You’re definitely making your fair share of noise.