3 – Trumaine Lamar

7 01 2008


At the age of 13, you expect a singer to hold his producer or a similar figure’s hands and be lead the way into the music scene.

In this case, Trumaine has been holding his own hands and following his own footsteps and shadows for 11 years. Writer, arranger and producer of all his songs (excluding his mix tape), the game Trumaine is bringing to the scene is at an evolved mature level.

Unsigned at the moment but getting to know producers, Trumaine is now working on an EP. Having done a mix tape already and a few shows with more to come (January 21 & February 1), Trumiane is definitely heading the right direction to prominence.


With a harmonic singing voice, he has you mesmerised with his enunciation, and drawn into every song’s story. From deep songs portraying ended relationships due to mutual disloyalty and misunderstandings, to clever ingeniously written songs explaining lovers’ interactions through mobile phones, (seriously… totally ingenious!)

I really feel like nowadays, soul artists are middle-aged and have had to settle down over some time. Whereas the young artists are all into their commercial R&B, which don’t get me wrong, I love. There’s nothing wrong with Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Omarion, and similar young artists. It just that in my eyes, Trumaine Lamar has potential to be different and ripe soulfully at a young age, which would be very interesting to see.

With passion and complete effort put into every song he’s putting together, you cannot help but only listen and think he has so much potential. Check out his mix tape labelled “The Scenario” through the following link, and check him out on his MySpace.

Definitely an artist worth keeping ears on.

Any opinions? Don’t hesitate to drop a comment 🙂




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